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Hello there! Cerise again. I'm thrilled you're checking out our services page. It's my mission to make finding and living in an apartment in Beijing as easy for you as humanly possible. Please have a look below at the services I currently offer through Beijing Abode.

Apartment Search

We're just getting started online, but I'm working to bring a catalog of apartment listings to you here through the site. Soon you'll be able to browse through a diverse array of apartments for rent in many of the most popular neighborhoods in Beijing.

Beijing apartment services

How Apartment Search on Beijing Abode Works

First, head over to our "Find an Apartment" page. From there, simply enter your criteria - area, bathrooms, bedrooms, price - and hit "Search." You'll be presented with a number of different apartment options - simply click the one that looks most appealing to you to find out more.

If you see an apartment you like, click the big "Enquire" button at the bottom of the property page, and submit an enquiry (or give me a call). I'll get in touch with you soon to schedule an appointment for you to come see the apartment, or discuss options if you're apartment planning while still overseas.

Creating a Serviced Apartment for You

Setting up a new apartment can be time-consuming and troublesome for expatriates relocating to Beijing. When you get here, you'll discover that power, water, gas, and sometimes sewage are all controlled by various charge cards you need to put money on, then charge your meter - and if you forget, or if you let these run out, that's it - no more power (or water, or gas, or, yikes, sewage).

Not to mention, Beijing's dusty. Whether that dust is from the nearby deserts or it's the fog of industry no one's able to quite agree on, but regardless which one of those is, a fine black soot has a habit of very quickly accumulating in every inch of your apartment if it isn't cleaned regularly. Most expatriates in Beijing use an aye, or "aunty" - the colloquial term for a cleaning lady here.

But you have to be careful whom you hire - many ayes are poor migrant workers, and if you hire the wrong one you risk theft... and good luck trying to track down a migrant worker in the middle of a city of 18 million (if she hasn't already headed home with her newly acquired laptop computer, that is).

Beijing apartment services

If you're living a busy life in Beijing, there's not much reason you should be pulling out your hair trying to micromanage all this yourself and reinvent the wheel.

I have a pool of trustworthy, talented people I work with across a number of different properties who can take care of all the above and a lot more for you for one flat, low monthly fee:

  • Keeping your utilities (power, water, gas, electric) topped off and running

  • Keeping your apartment spic and span with a weekly (or more often) cleaning

  • Taking care of maintenance issues and apartment upkeep for you

  • Assisting you with any other apartment-related questions or concerns

Please drop me a line on the contact page or give me a call at (+86) 180-1006-9863 to discuss setting up a plan like this that's right for you...

... so you'll never have to worry about power running out at 11 o'clock at night, hot water shutting off in the middle of a shower, or asking everyone you work with for cleaning lady recommendations (and then for them to translate for you), ever again.

Cerise Bai